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Nutritional & Lifestyle Therapy

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Personalised Wellness

Personalised  because 'one size does not fit all'.  Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy looks at each person as an individual & your Wellness Protocol is tailored to your goals, within your means & lifestyle boundaries.

Wellness because optimal health encompasses so much more than just eating the right 'superfoods'.  It is the process of giving your body the nourishment from a whole-food nutrient dense diet, getting good quality sleep, managing stress, taking appropriate exercise & adopting a positive mind-set.

All body systems are interconnected with nothing working in isolation and that is why it doesn't make sense to treat a symptom but rather to find the root cause & take a whole-body approach to optimal health & wellness.  Consistent small changes have such a positive effect, like the domino effect.  The initial steps may require some commitment but the effort will very quickly bring results.  As your diet improves so too will mood, digestion, sleep & energy levels.  It really is about going back to basics, addressing the root cause & tailoring an individual protocol for your happy & healthy future! 

After 3 years of study & over 200 clinical training hours, Terri Newens graduated from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester & set up Personalised Wellness to help others realise their wellness potential.  A passionate believer in the power of 'food as medicine' & having made dietary & lifestyle changes to improve health conditions in her own life she now thrives from using her education to help others.


Nutritional & Lifestyle Therapy

Can you imagine your life without:

                                                bloating          constipation          diarrhoea          reflux


                                                anxiety            depression             insomnia           low energy

                                                period pain     hot flushes             headaches        skin breakouts


                                                allergies           hayfever                 recurrent infections


It is achievable! 

Have you seen your GP who has run tests for you & informed you the results are normal but your symptoms are still there & you still feel ill?

Are you frustrated that you're doing everything right, you're careful with diet & going to the gym but you still can't lose weight or maybe your weight loss has plateaued?

Are your stress levels or poor sleep patterns impacting on your life & health?


Have you recently started a new exercise regime & want qualified advice on how to support your body nutritionally to achieve the best results? 

Perhaps you're family planning & would like support with pre-conception care or conversely post-birth support?

Maybe you're looking at your long-term health & would like to support healthy ageing?

Whatever the situation allow me to guide you to wellness with a Personalised Wellness Plan tailored to your needs. 



"Thrive from the complexity of diet"

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