Nutritional & Lifestyle Therapy

If you have a specific health goal, would like to learn more about how nutrition & lifestyle changes can improve your health, both now & in the future, or you're simply looking for guidance on how to eat & live better, then please book a consultation (face to face or Skype) & I can help you achieve your goals.

Initial Consultation £100

Follow-up Sessions £75

Book 3 Sessions £230

WEIGHT LOSS FOR LIFE - ditch the diets, the yo-yoing weight, the hunger, the bloating & poor body image mentality.  Let me show you how using the power of food as medicine & how nourishing your body is more effective than any diet, allowing you to have the body you've always dreamed of without deprivation & feelings of failure. 

Please enquire

Please note, private tests & supplements are not included in the prices above



Wellness Package

Designed for those who want to take a long-term approach to wellness.  Some people prefer the motivational 'coach approach' of regular sessions, or maybe you suffer with a chronic condition & are looking for ongoing support.  Whatever your situation, the Wellness Package can be tailored to your needs.  Sessions can be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. 

Prices are based on individual requirements, please enquire.



Dietary Refresh

Let us work together to get you out of your dietary rut & passionate about food again.  One of my mantras is 'Eat the Rainbow' & I'll show you how healthy food isn't restrictive, bland or boring!

 Comprehensive Dietary Analysis £55  

You will be asked to complete a 5 day food diary & short questionnaire. From this information I will identify areas in your diet with key nutritional deficiencies & advise how these are detrimental to health but also explain how to correct them.  You will be provided with a 5 day sample diet diary, recipe & shopping list ideas & tips on healthy eating going forward.

Please note this is not a weight loss diet, but designed as a tool to educate & motivate a healthful eating regime.

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