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Terri is a registered naturopathic Nutritional Therapist based in Manchester city centre, specialising in Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapy with a focus on guiding clients to achieve their wellness goals through a holistic approach.

"With a lifelong passion for food I began to understand the power of 'food as medicine' as I changed my eating habits & noticed my health dramatically improving.  This led me to enrol with The College of Naturopathic Medicine & over the course of my studies I successfully overcame health conditions such as PMS, migraine, adult acne & poor energy levels by making dietary & lifestyle changes. 

Over the past few years I have been asked many times from people who have previously been stuck in a pattern of yoyo dieting or have found themselves diagnosed with a medical condition how they can improve their health & their diets & this led me to develop my Wellness Packages.  They're specifically designed to enable people to make sustainable, life-long changes with coaching support.  This is particularly important to me because there's no worse feeling than failure when we're trying to make changes to our health & it often comes about through a lack of understanding of our bodies needs or as a result of the confusing information about food in the press.  By starting with the basics this will set you on the road to success - as you start to feel the positive effects of the changes this really will motivate you.  This feeling is definitely what spurred me on!


I'm a firm believer in 'food as medicine' & I'm passionate about sharing my education with others & cutting through the conflicting information surrounding nutrition using an evidence-based approach.  It is time we empowered ourselves to take control of our health now & to protect our future.  I can help you do this in a friendly, safe environment where the focus is always on you achieving your goals. 


As a qualified Nutritional Therapist I have at my disposal not only a wealth of knowledge but access to private testing companies & Practitioner brand supplements enabling me to offer the very best & latest products in my Personalised Wellness approach.

Everybody has different needs, some people will need just one session, others may want to look for more long-term ongoing support, particularly if you suffer from a chronic condition.  Nutritional & Lifestyle Therapy benefits everybody, if you want to achieve life-changing results, I'd love you to book an appointment today" 


What previous clients say...

Thanks so much for all your help & advice.  I feel like a new man!

IH 2019

I can't thank Terri enough for the support she's given me. I was constantly tired, down, suffering with brain fog, headaches & migraines, that all changed soon after our first consultation. I honestly feel like a new person& that's all down to the sessions with Terri!

VS 2019

"It has been 6 months since I first sat down with Terri and looking back I was a wreck.  I felt so tired all the time, I was irritable, I couldn't eat without feeling bloated and I'd hit a wall with my Doctor.  Within a very short time I was seeing results and I think its because my whole lifestyle and diet got an overhaul instead of just trying to become less bloated or less tired, it needed a wider picture.  Terri really goes the extra mile and she's changed my life"

CPW 2019

"Since meeting you, I have learnt so much more & the life I now lead thanks to your guidance has made a huge difference to my inflammatory condition & the knock-on effects have been brilliant"

CA 2018

"I signed up to a 3 month Wellness Package because I knew I needed somebody to keep me motivated & Terri was definitely that person!  I've never slept this well.  I'm loving the foods I'm eating & the compliments of how good I look.  I've made changes I can keep for life.  I'd recommend this approach to everyone"

SK 2018

"I've tried every diet going.  I never realised how hungry I'd been all these years until I worked with Terri on my diet.  Now I look forward to food, I eat more & I've even lost weight.  I feel better than ever"

LP 2017

"I worked with Terri after I had an Over 50 Well Man MOT & found my blood pressure was high & I was at risk of type 2 diabetes because of my weight & blood sugar results.  I knew I didn't want to go down the route of taking medications but didn't know where to start or even if dietary changes would help.  Its not been easy but I like Terri's approach & she's really helped me understand how everything works together & if one system struggles it has a knock on effect.  I'd not hesitate in recommending her to my friends & family"

TH 2017

"I have been on the plan for approximately 6 weeks now and the results have been quite significant.  I have noticed a difference with my gut, my skin feels and looks amazing, my hair is healthier, I definitely feel less anxious/stressed about things and my family are eating better as a result"

SP 2017

"I've suffered with depression & anxiety for as long as I remember & nobody had ever explained how what I put on my plate has a direct effect on my feelings.  Terri has changed my life with her knowledge & I now for the first time look forward to eating, having energy & enthusiasm.  I cannot thank her enough, her love for this subject is infectious & I know we'll be in touch for years to come"

JGM 2016

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