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  • Terri Newens

Quick & Easy Creamy Pasta

After a glorious couple of summer months the evenings are turning more Autumnal & at this time of the year I start to think about cooking more stews & comfort-style food.

This is one of my favourite recipes as its healthy, really versatile & works perfectly for vegetarians, vegans & meat eaters, with a small adjustment but is dairy-free & gluten-free.

It is also super quick & easy, no cooking skills required, which I'm all for because lets face it, who has time to spend hours in the kitchen each evening!

Here, I’ve just used spinach, peas & fresh herbs but it really works well with courgette, asparagus & tenderstem broccoli too so have a play around as it’s a great way to get more vegetables onto your plate!

You will need:




Chicken (omit if vegetarian or vegan)

Gluten-free Pasta (I use Castagno Organic 100% Wholegrain Rice pasta)

Coconut Yoghurt (I use natural Coyo)


Frozen peas

Fresh Herbs – thyme, basil, parsley work well

Juice of a lemon or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper to season


Add a glug of olive oil to a pan along with the chopped garlic, onion, mushrooms (&/or diced chicken if using) & soften over a low heat

If using thyme add to the pan after a couple of minutes

In another pan boil the pasta – usually takes 6 minutes

After a couple of minutes you can add the frozen peas to the pasta pan to cook through

When cooked, drain the pasta & peas & add to the mushrooms pan

Turn off the heat & stir in the Coyo (use as much or as little to get the creamy consistency you like), spinach, season to taste, squeeze over the lemon (or stir through the apple-cider vinegar) & top with basil or parsley


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